2014 #PitchWars Mentee Bio

First, I was a beauty therapist for ages and ages, with the loveliest clients and the smoothest background music. You know, like an elevator, with panpipes and tinkly water sounds. Unlike the elevator, the sweet aroma of essential oils, hot wax and nail solvents filled the air. (And those smooth chants drowned out any mid-wax screams.) Then the hubs did a career trajectory on me. His job rocketed us off into an orbit of relocation. So, between Adelaide, Australia; Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, I learned to write to fill the aching space. Online education for the nomad. And from that eye-opening, time-stopping experience grew a novel, Shadow Flicker, my 87 000 word Romantic Suspense baby that I have pitched into #PitchWars. The setting of the novel is an exquisite little corner of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, where the development of wind farms caused so much consternation in real life. Will turbines replace the construction of a nuclear power plant nearby? Or will they decimate endangered birds and bats and industrialize a pristine stretch of coastline anyway? Maybe the turbines are just an inconvenience to the wealthy? Do they disrupt their view and rumple the skirts of pretend-eco-do-gooders who don’t even recycle? Or is the carbon footprint of the turbine steel enough to trample the entire area? Take two gorgeous characters, pop them on to opposing sides of this issue (but sshhhh, don’t tell them), let Cupid shoot a few arrows, mix in a little festering environmental subterfuge, a couple of tortured baddies and Voila! You have a story. Isabella Kromme 065

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