Month: November 2015

Flying With Children

eter Pan has it sorted. His flights with children are a roaring success. Second star to the right and straight on till morning. For the rest of us, however, those without Pixie Dust, the challenge is real.


A rough guide to the holidays at St Francis Bay

Going to St Francis Bay for the holidays this year? First time? Second? Third? Here are eleven things you should know.  Jet skis. Just don’t. They’re not even allowed on the Kromme River, because those mean little engines suck up all the ecological goodies. You may traverse (that means drive out of the river at a snail’s pace) but you may not perform any tricks. (Namely…

SUP-Mageddon (The Kook Diaries part II)

Stoked that Zigzag published another of my dubious surf stories, SUP-Mageddon, in their online edition. SUP-MAGEDDON (The Kook Diaries – Part II) – by: Melissa Volker Wahine Wednesday. Sounds interesting right?   That’s what I thought. But, really, I should have known better. After all, there’s that other Wednesday in surfing. You know. The one with Airwolf and no wahines…

Ten Simple Ways to Save Water

We moved away from the Eastern Cape five years ago, when Port Elizabeth was parched by another seemingly endless drought. We were water wise, possibly water obsessed as our city was declared a disaster area . It always bothered me that, in places we have since lived (other than Australia), there was little mindfulness of how fragile our water resources are. In light of our looming water crisis here are nine…