Lightning Round # 1 Alissa Baxter

Would you like to get to know the authors contributing to Sweet Songs of Summer? What better way than a flash of questions to shed light on each contributor?

Here’s our lightning round with Alissa Baxter

Q1:  Braai or Brunch


Q2 : Beach or Bushveld


Q3 : Favorite Genre to read outside of romance

Q4: Genre you never read
Science Fiction 

Q5:  Last Book you Read
John Eyre by Mimi Matthews

Q6: Favorite Romantic Movie ever
When Harry Met Sally

Q7: Favorite Romantic Book ever
Pride and Prejudice 

Q8: Favorite fictional hero (book or movie)
Mr Darcy 

Q9: Favorite fictional heroine (book or movie)
Anne of Green Gables

Q10: Favorite Love Song. 
To Make You Feel My Love

Feel free to share any of your favourites in the comments below. We love to hear from readers. Get to know Alissa better in This Interview and on her website

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