Lightning Round #2 Kathy Bosman

This is the next episode of getting to know the authors contributing to Sweet Songs of Summer. Here’s Kathy Bosman’s lightning round.

Q1:  Braai or Brunch


Q2 : Beach or Bushveld


Q3 : Favorite Genre to read outside of romance

Cosy Mystery.

Q4: Genre you never read

Political Drama / Thriller.

Q5:  Last Book you Read

Priceless by Nicole Richie.

Q6: Favorite Romantic Movie ever

The Holiday.

Q7: Favorite Romantic Book ever

Too many to count!

Q8: Favorite fictional hero (book or movie)

Merlin from the British “Merlin” series.

Q9: Favorite fictional heroine (book or movie)

Hermione from the Harry Potter series.

Q10: Favorite Love Song.

“I’ll Be Here” by Alessandro de Rossi and Paulo Contis. 

You can read a detailed interview with Kathy HERE and find out more about her writing and books on her website

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