Library Dancers (flash fiction by Isabella Volker)

The light of the early morning sun streamed through the window, the rays catching dust fairies as they danced through the air. The books in their shelves were bathed in a yellow orange glow, and a ladder leaned silently against the shelf, waiting to be used. The only sound that could be heard was the whisper of turning pages, as the young woman sat in her corner and leafed through her book.

As the morning sun waned and became afternoon, the young woman turned the last page of the book. The floor creaked as she adjusted her position to face the books next to her. This book looked like it held a fascinating tale within. She gently pulled the thick, stiff book off the shelf. A pair of dark, brown eyes on a freckled face peered back at her through the space where the book had previously been. She gave a small yelp of surprise. 

The face split into a wide smile, his eyes scrunched into small slits as he laughed, a happy, bubbling sound that echoed through the library. The young woman felt her cheeks growing warm as he looked at her curiously, his dark eyes shining with mirth. She quickly replaced the book to its proper place on the shelf, blocking his cheeky gaze. She rose quickly.

The polished wooden floors creaked with the weight of the young woman’s footsteps as she walked through the aisles of shelves that climbed the high walls of the library. The soft thudding of her fingers over the spines of the books could be heard as she walked. Her fingers came to a halt as she felt a book slip from her touch. She looked at where the book was supposed to be, and was once again met with the freckled face with the dark eyes. 

He smiled at her, a wide grin that covered half his face. His smile shone like the early morning sun, radiating happiness. His eyes were the shape of smooth almonds, their dark brown an endless pool of joy, amusement and a deep curiosity. The freckles scattered across his face gave his smile a sweet charm, one that the young woman could not resist smiling at. She found herself enchanted.  Her musings were interrupted as a thick book was pushed toward her through the gap in the shelf. 

She took it from him. He smiled again; a small, gentle smile.

“You forgot this.”

  One thought on “Library Dancers (flash fiction by Isabella Volker)

  1. June 19, 2021 at 6:52 am

    Only had an opportunity to read this now. How lovely! Literary greetings to Isabella 🙂

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